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Publisher Logistics

Providing a reliable and competitive international transport system for the supply chain of books requires a thorough understanding of the publishing production process.

Our Publisher Logistics department has extensive experience in this field and is dedicated to the printing and publishing industry.

Shipping costs are a major consideration for any buyer/seller but we particularly understand the "unique" nature of the publishing and printing industry. Shipping costs are traditionally calculated by volume and weight, and this can be hard for printers and publishers to translate into costs per copy.

We offer simplified pricing structures providing Door to Door, Door to Port and Cross-Trade rates that are all inclusive. Our system has the ability to calculate your shipping costs per copy, per carton, per pallet or per cubic meter using basic information such as book dimension and number of copies to ship. This means you can calculate all your costs accurately from the place of receipt through to final destination prior to placing the order with the factory giving you complete control and peace of mind. To save costs we also ship book consignments as loose cartons rather than receiving palletised at origin. Non palletised goods take up less loading space and less loading space means less cost.

When your shipment is unloaded in the UK we arrange customs clearance, unloading and palletisation according to your delivery destination warehouse specification. We understand the importance of making sure that titles are not mixed on pallets, are sorted by ISBN, pallet dimensions and so on. So whether you ship a whole container, a few pallets or loose cartons we can provide you a professional and competitive service with peace of mind.